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Vedere Consulting offers leadership coaching, group facilitation, organization development consulting and leadership training to corporations, small businesses, government agencies and non-profits.

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Vedere Consulting offers leadership coaching, group facilitation, organization development consulting and leadership training to corporations, small businesses, government agencies and non-profits.

The goal of each Vedere engagement is to help the client unleash his or her best by working on outcomes the client believes are central to success. Our clients often find the time spent with their Vedere coach feels like an oasis-they are deeply heard and supported in ways that rarely happen in their day-to-day lives. Their innate creativity, curiosity and optimism thrive in that environment. At the same time, clients are challenged to discover new perspectives, which allow them to move in powerful new directions.

We believe that learning occurs only when a client develops the capacity for new action. Awareness, as important as it is, is only a step in the process. Therefore, we look for measurable results --observable shifts in behavior and new outcomes-and encourage clients to take action.

Our emphasis is on the whole person-their intellectual, emotional, physical, social and spiritual selves. Our clients can expect us to connect the dots with them-to see patterns and connections that were obscured. Happiness and effectiveness are equally important and we work with clients to achieve both.

The value of this holistic approach is clear in the results and outcomes our clients have achieved.

Clients experience:

  • Observable impact on others and an expanded ability to make a difference
  • Increased self confidence to take on new challenges
  • An optimal balance of life and work
  • Professional challenge and advancement
  • Greater happiness and fulfillment
  • Increased focus and clarity
  • An awakened sense of delight in the world
  • A powerful new direction
  • Greater interpersonal agility

Clients create

  • Better performing teams
  • Inspired and engaged employees
  • More exciting work environments
  • Desirable cultural change

The Big Picture

Vedere Consulting services encompass four major areas:


Leadership, career and personal transition, conflict and time management are currently our major practice areas as a coach. Our coaching style is grounded in the ICF coaching competencies and the belief that each client is already healthy and whole. Our job is to create a safe space for clients to discover their own creative solutions. A key strength as a coach is our understanding of many models and practices that can be used to help clients see their issues from a new perspective.


Working with teams, boards or large groups to help them clarify their goals for a meeting or event, design the process and then provide the space for the group to do its work is challenging and fun. The goal is to create a process that allows the group's innate creativity to emerge and all perspectives to be surfaced in ways that are respectful of everyone involved. Sometimes a good model or theory helps the group see their situation in a whole new way and allows them to move toward a desirable future. We draw from a wide range of facilitation techniques and practices, including: Open Space, Future Search, Appreciative Inquiry, executive dialogue, Polarity Management, group dynamics, and others.

Organization Development:

Facilitating change and transition, strategic visioning and leadership team development are the three areas of organization development we specialize in. As OD consultants we partner with leaders to determine what help they need. It might be understanding the change process or the emotional aspects of change, it might be clarifying the vision of what the future could be. It could be help enlisting others in support of the change or dealing with resistance. It might be help bringing disparate and conflicting perspectives together to form a single and grounded vision of the future. Or it could be helping the leadership team assess its strengths and development edges. Once we know how a consultant could add value, we provide the training, coaching or facilitation needed to help the organization achieve its vision.


We design and deliver customized training to all types of groups: scientists, senior executives, support staff, physicians, therapists and many others. Each training course is designed for a particular client group and clients are involved in shaping the design and delivery. The goal for each course is to expand on what the client already knows by using models and theories that build on their current understanding. Participants in our training events can expect to be engaged in their learning, to be given material in a logical sequence so each learning opportunity builds on what has come before it, and to experience a relaxed and respectful atmosphere where everyone's contribution to learning is valued.

If you think Vedere Consulting may be the right leadership development opportunity for you or for someone in your organization, contact us for a free initial consultation.