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Work and Life Balance

A Quick Practice for a Better 2013

Many of my clients are concerned about the quality of their day, which often seems frenetic and scattered as they rush from one meeting to the next.  In fact, most people I know (including myself!) struggle with this sense of never having enough time, never getting enough done.  I have begun a new practice that …
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Thank God for Poets

Elaine Kiziah, colleague and consultant at See Change Studio http://workingwellblog.com/, comments occasionally on my blog posts.  Last week she sent a poem in response to my post on emotions as “honored guests.”  That poem blew me away because it summed up in a few phrases what it had taken me paragraphs to write.  In case …
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The E-Mail Curse—A Call for Help

E-mail! It’s the best of times and the worst of times but I’m having a hard time remembering its virtues.All I’m thinking about are the hours it takes each day to get my in-box under control.Don’t get me wrong—I get a lot of valuable work done in those hours.At the same time, I think with …
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