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Leading in a Virtual World

I’ve long believed that traditional, hierarchical leadership no longer worked in today’s fast paced and global environment but I have to admit that I may have taken it more on faith than actually stopping to think why.  I didn’t comprehend how day-to-day behavior in the workplace contributed to the irrelevance of authoritarian leadership. Of course, …
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Think Positive to Get the Best Results

I was inspired some months ago by seven executives in the federal government who I had the privilege of working with as part of a leadership development program at the Federal Executive Institute.I’ve facilitated many such groups there and all have been wonderful.What made this group stand out, though, was their positive outlook. It started …
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One Bad Apple

Got a bad apple on your team? Read on to find out what you can do about it.   In one of my first jobs out of college, I had a co-worker who was the classic drama queen. She complained—about management, about clients, about her co-workers. She was chronically late and often absent so that …
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