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A Quick Practice for a Better 2013

Many of my clients are concerned about the quality of their day, which often seems frenetic and scattered as they rush from one meeting to the next.  In fact, most people I know (including myself!) struggle with this sense of never having enough time, never getting enough done.  I have begun a new practice that …
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Thank God for Poets Part 2

In an earlier post I wrote about poems that seemed to “say it all.”  These poems capture in a few words what might take hundreds of words when written or spoken in sentences and paragraphs.  They go to the heart of the matter—and a great poem or song touches us in a way that is …
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Thank God for Poets

Elaine Kiziah, colleague and consultant at See Change Studio http://workingwellblog.com/, comments occasionally on my blog posts.  Last week she sent a poem in response to my post on emotions as “honored guests.”  That poem blew me away because it summed up in a few phrases what it had taken me paragraphs to write.  In case …
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How to Get Where You Want to Go

Like many of us, my son John is a busy man.He’s in graduate school and has big dreams about where he wants to go and what he wants to do.Achieving those goals means a lot of sacrifice and discipline now—hard courses, much research, publishing and presenting papers.There’s a lot riding on how he does now …
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Withstanding Life’s Challenges

In the white paper on resilienceI co-authored with J. Stephen Lindsey, http://www.box.net/s/oakto94omx3xumvv7aqm, Steve and I talk about specific thing you can do to build your resilience.Resilience is your ability to withstand life’s challenges, to “perform in the storm” as performance researcher Jim Loehr says.In today’s world, we face constant challenge, constant change, greater demands and …
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