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Emotional Intelligence Self Mastery

What Does God Want Me to Do?

I’ve been neglecting blog posts the past few weeks due to lots of exciting client projects, but this passage from Decisive, the new book by Chip and Dan Heath, caught my attention.  One of the points they make in the book is that we tend to narrow our options when making decisions and as a …
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Listening as a Spiritual Practice

I read two quotations in the March Richmond Friends Meetingnewsletter and stopped breathing for a second.   You know that feeling—something out of the blue—a quotation, a poem or a comment–strikes you forcefully and you must pay attention.  Who knows why a comment means so much to one person but not to another. I take a …
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A Quick Practice for a Better 2013

Many of my clients are concerned about the quality of their day, which often seems frenetic and scattered as they rush from one meeting to the next.  In fact, most people I know (including myself!) struggle with this sense of never having enough time, never getting enough done.  I have begun a new practice that …
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Thank God for Poets Part 2

In an earlier post I wrote about poems that seemed to “say it all.”  These poems capture in a few words what might take hundreds of words when written or spoken in sentences and paragraphs.  They go to the heart of the matter—and a great poem or song touches us in a way that is …
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