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Vedere Consulting’s coaching programs are a potent combination of structure and just-in-time learning.  Coaching programs start with an intake conversation between coach and client.  Clients often include their boss in the initial conversation.  In the intake conversation, the coach listens deeply to the client to understand what he or she is after—why they came to coaching and what they want to learn.  The result of this conversation is a clear purpose and outcomes for the coaching program developed jointly by coach and client.

Our coaches then develop a unique program tailored to the client’s goals and outcomes.  The client’s day-to-day decisions become part of the coaching process, providing opportunities for reflection and growth that create new and more powerful actions and outcomes.  The coach suggests readings, exercises, experiments and practices that allow the client to respond to the immediate situation while focusing on the long-term outcomes of the program.   The basic structure of the program keeps the process focused on outcomes, and its emergent design takes advantage of unique client strengths and solves immediate problems.  Clients can expect changes almost from the beginning of the program.  Vedere’s coaching programs include the following framework:

  • The intake conversations and initial assessment to determine the client’s goals and outcomes.
  • Assessments and feedback tools as needed.
  • Custom designed exercises, models, practices, readings, experiments and observations that are directed toward the client’s goals.
  • On-going support through weekly or bi-weekly meetings (by phone or in person).  Additional calls and e-mails as needed.
  • A written summary of each coaching session.
  • A mid-program assessment to check client progress and make adjustments.
  • An end of program assessment focused on outcomes and a plan for ongoing development after the program.

One of coaching’s greatest benefits is that it develops leaders where they are—within the context of their current jobs.  They can attend to daily responsibilities while they enjoy a development experience designed specifically for them.

If you think Vedere Consulting may be the right development opportunity for you or for someone in your organization, contact us for a free initial consultation.

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