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July 2012

Transcending the “Tension of Opposites”

“Could I just say that the intensity of this is getting pretty scary…and dangerous? We are heading toward a cliff and the usual brakes of civil discourse are not working.”  — Joe Klein, Time Magazine Back in February I wrote a blog about the difficulty of listening and communicating openly and compassionately in our current …
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Thank God for Poets

Elaine Kiziah, colleague and consultant at See Change Studio http://workingwellblog.com/, comments occasionally on my blog posts.  Last week she sent a poem in response to my post on emotions as “honored guests.”  That poem blew me away because it summed up in a few phrases what it had taken me paragraphs to write.  In case …
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Can You Make Any Emotion Your “Honored Guest?”

Stephanie Noble, author of Tapping the Wisdom Within:  A Guide to Joyous Living http://www.stephanienoble.com/book.html, describes emotions as “just a whirlwind of activity passing through your body-mind.”  I love this definition although it’s hard to grasp the ethereal quality of an emotion when a strong one has you in its grip.  It feels like a force …
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