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June 2012

Networking: Boon or Bane

If you’ve ever looked for a job or started a new business, you have heard ad infinitum (some would say ad nauseum) the vital role networking plays in landing a job or new client.  Effective networking is by far the best method to unearth job leads and referrals.  It connects you with potential customers or …
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Time to Learn Something New

I spent the better part of the last two weeks with 9 executives who were part of a development program aimed at producing strategic, visionary, and influential leaders.  What they learned from the program inspired me. This is a sample of what they learned: That people matter.  Connect with them on a personal level before …
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Do You See the Beauty?

I was looking through a box of old photographs and found a picture of myself taken when I was in college.  A friend interested in photography wanted to practice and had taken and developed this picture and several others.  I remember distinctly how disappointed I was when I saw the result of his work.  Disappointed …
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