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March 2012

Think Positive to Get the Best Results

I was inspired some months ago by seven executives in the federal government who I had the privilege of working with as part of a leadership development program at the Federal Executive Institute.I’ve facilitated many such groups there and all have been wonderful.What made this group stand out, though, was their positive outlook. It started …
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The E-Mail Curse—A Call for Help

E-mail! It’s the best of times and the worst of times but I’m having a hard time remembering its virtues.All I’m thinking about are the hours it takes each day to get my in-box under control.Don’t get me wrong—I get a lot of valuable work done in those hours.At the same time, I think with …
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Leaders Make Up Their Own Minds

I had a session with a very special client who was gleefully telling me how she broke the rules.She had learned in many leadership classes how to confront an employee about performance issues—you tell them directly and objectively what they are doing you don’t like, set clear expectations about what you do want, give them …
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