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July 2008

When Change Threatens to Go South

I’m dedicating this blog (my longest one yet!) to a fabulous group of people with whom I have been privileged to work the past several months, and to my esteemed colleague, Kathleen McSweeney. Plum Cluverius It was a tough week for the admissions department of a private university. As the director said: “Change is hard!” …
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What’s Wrong With Wisdom?

“Abandon sageliness and discard wisdom Then the people will benefit a hundredfold.” — Lao Tzu This quotation hits me like a thunderbolt. Because my secret longing is to be wise. I’ve trained for it and read for it and worked for it and sacrificed other goals for it. To my mind, wisdom is the ultimate …
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"Let’s Make the Department Shine"

“The manager’s unique contribution is to make other people more productive. He may be charged with other responsibilities . . . but when it comes to the managing aspect of his job, he will succeed or fail based on his ability to make his employees more productive than they would be working with someone else. …
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